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Hydroflow Casting Compound Bottle with packaging.

hydroflow Water Based Casting Compound

hydroflow is an environmentally friendly, water based casting compound that comes in two components - a mineral powder and a water based acrylic binder

A sustainable solution for creating functional & decorative items with a cement texture & appearance. Can be used to make smooth or textured pieces, hydroflow will replicate the most detailed texture in your mould to produce unique jewellery, creative arts and crafts. 

It has thousands of uses, limited only by the shape of your mould. Patterns can be created  in newly poured pieces using a variety of tools. 

Easily coloured with water based pigments such as our resi-TINT acrylic inks, acrylic paints or powdered tempura paints. Can be sealed and protected with hydroflow Sealer.

  • Water based & environmentally friendly

  • No harsh chemicals, odourless and VOC-free

  • Easily pigmented using resi-TINT inks or other water based pigments

  • Perfect for coasters, platters, vases, planters, soap dishes and many other items

  • Ideal for creating textured art pieces on canvas and wooden boards

  • Can be used to create the terrazzo effect 

  • Easily sanded to create different finishes

  • Mixing containers & tools can be cleaned with water after use

  • Can be demoulded in less than 1 hour

  • Everything you need in 6 kit sizes

  • Non flammable (internal tests)

Hydroflow Casting Compound Specification Chart. Mix Ratio - 2.5 parts powder to 1 part liquid activator; Drying Time - aprroximately 30 minutes, demould in 1-2 hours, can be sanded after 2 hours; Pot Life - 10-20 minutes; Shelf Life - indefinite


Adding colour

Use any water based pigment E.g. resi-TINT acrylic inks, acrylic paints or powdered tempura paints. Any solid can be added (sand, mica, quartzite, dried shards of hydroflow etc).

When using the whole kit

Add colour to the hydroflow activator fluid before adding the powder. Add small amounts at a time and mix in stages until you have achieved a lump-free consistency

When using part of the kit

Pour the desired amount of hydroflow activator fluid into your mixing container. Add colour to the hydroflow activator fluid before adding the powder. Add 2.5 times the amount of powder to the fluid activator E.g. if you started with 100ml (100g) activator fluid then you should add 250g powder. 2.5:1 is the default mixing ratio, but this is not set in stone. You can adapt the ratio with less or more powder to obtain a runnier or thicker consistency to suit the application. If the mixture is too viscous and thick for your application simply add a little water (5-10% by weight), the activator is a water based emulsion and can be extended and diluted further to make it more fluid.

Once you have mixed to a creamy consistency you can top up the pigment addition to achieve a stronger colour shade.



Immediately pour into your mould and agitate to clear trapped air bubbles. Allow to harden in 20-40 minutes. The mould will feel warm, this is normal. Demould after 1-2 hrs.

Additional information


  • can be sanded using either dry or wet/dry sandpaper to expose any terrazzo aggregate 

  • can be acid-etched with white vinegar when using stronger powder concentration, immerse for 30-60 minutes and clean off afterwards

  • is heat resistant up to 125°C surface contact temperature

  • is porous and can be sealed by brush using hydroflow sealer or any acrylic/PVA sealer

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