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Eli-Chem Resins Cell-Base Jars depicting 10 different colours stacked in a pyramid

Cell-Base Instant Cell Creator for Resin Art 75g

Cell-Base will add to the range of effects you can create with resin as it self activates and creates amazing cells

Eli-Chem Resins XL Crackle Paste Jars depicting the Structure Paste (Part 2) and Base Layer (Part 1)

Crackle Paste

XL Crackle Paste is great for creating textural art effects and bringing unique 3D cracks to your art

Eli-Chem Resins Hydroflow Water Based Casting Compound bottle with cardboard packaging

Hydroflow Water Based Casting Compound

Hydroflow is an environmentally friendly, water based casting compound that comes in two components - a mineral powder and a water based acrylic binder

Eli-Chem Resins Hydroflow Water-Based Acrylic Sealer Spray Bottle



hydroflow Sealer is an acrylic coating for our hydroflow Water Based Casting Compound

Eli-Chem Resins Eli-Glow Phot Luminescent Pigment Packages depicting the glowing powder in a darkened setting

Eli-Glow Photo Luminescent Pigment 100g

Eli-Glow Photo Luminescent pigment powders use the latest technology to create stunning artwork and decorative effects. 

resi-TINT MAX NEON Pigment Powder

7 fluorescent pigment powders to add bright and vivid bursts of colour to your resin and hydroflow artwork and homeware. Their full power can be seen under UV light for an even brighter glow and maximum luminosity.

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