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resi-TINT MAX NEON Pigment Powder 50g

7 fluorescent pigment powders to add bright and vivid bursts of colour to your resin and hydroflow artwork and homeware. Their full power can be seen under UV light for an even brighter glow and maximum luminosity.

These plant based resin powder pigments are designed to be added to our range of epoxy resins as well as hydroflow water based casting compound.

All of our pigment powders have different densities - so although all will have been weighed accurately some colours may appear more full in their containers than others..

  • Neon pigment powder

  • Excellent light fastness rating

  • Concentrated formula 

  • Supplied in 5g or 50g pots

  • Shelf life 12 months

Available Colours:

- Cyber Yellow

- Tree Frog

- Electric Crimson

- Hot Pink

- Grape

- Orange Soda

- Egyptian Blue

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